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The State Comptroller is Connecticut’s chief financial officer and fiscal watchdog. The

Comptroller, elected every four years, oversees a state agency of over 250 employees who

serve as the state’s accountants, pay the state’s bills, prepare financial reports, administer state

employee payroll and retiree benefits and oversee the state health plan.


The Comptroller has a duty to call it like it is and be an independent fiscal watchdog for the

taxpayers of Connecticut.


As a State Representative, Sean has never been afraid to do what’s right even if it means going

against his own party. He was one of only 11 Democrats to vote against Governor Malloy’s tax

increase and has never shied away from working across the aisle and standing up for what he

thinks is right regardless of who proposes it.

Sean will fight every day as Comptroller to protect your hard-earned money and find savings

and efficiencies within the budget to reduce the burden on taxpayers and future generations.

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